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Pink Pig Story

What started off as a simple fiberglass pig for a raunchy movie turned into someone's yard art in their back yard, but has now become a fun representation of an iconic racecar.

Kelly Meets the Pig

One day while scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, Kelly Telfer came across a $30 wheelbarrow from the 1920s with 350 Chevy V8 headers welded to it. He loved it and bought it sight unseen! He couldn't pick it up for a while, and three weeks later the owner, Mike, reached out to see if he was ever going to pick it up.


Kelly drove a couple hours down a two-lane road, and when he arrived, he noticed that Mike had a huge fiberglass pig on display. He asked what the story was, and Mike told him that the pig was an original movie prop from the 1980’s raunchy movie titled “Porky’s.”

Kelly shared his vision for the pig's fun future with his wife, Beth, and she came, reluctantly, on board. Now that the pig was in their own “pig pen,” they started planning the logistics for the Pink Pig going to Werks Reunion in Amelia Island, 2022. Kelly called Porsche Club of America’s Tom and Sandy Provasi and told them about the idea. Tom was skeptical. It was going to cost a lot of money to ship that animal!

Read the full story of Kelly and his new Porsche Pink Pig Tribute in the book

"Pink Pig Porsche — The Truffle Hunter of Zuffenhausen"

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