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Bahama Mama

Watch the purchase story unfold here:

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The Bahama Mama Story

In late 2018, we were at an event in Orlando, FL. Our good friends, Peter and Keenan Sachs (The Custom Mat Co.) asked if we would like to tour The Brumos Collection, in Jacksonville, FL. Well, he didn’t have to ask twice!


During the tour Don Leatherwood, Peter and I swapped stories from the Porsche Racing days, the 1960s-70s and 80’s. Don is a walking Porsche Encyclopedia! As we walked by a gorgeous Bahama Yellow 1968 911, I asked Don ‘Is that 911 for sale?’. Of course, never in a million years would I think that any of the perfect, pristine Porsches in The Brumos Collection would ever be for sale. Don answered, “Yes, actually, we are considering selling it.” We all laughed and moved on. I thought there was no way I could purchase that car.

We returned to California, and I started thinking about that unbelievable 911. I figured I might as well follow up on it. I reached out to Don and indeed, they would sell the 911 to me. Don filled me in on some of the history of the 1968 Brumos 911. Displayed in the heated, air-conditioned, private Brumos Collection from the 1990’s until 2019, and cared for by some of the best Porsche people on the planet! Talk about provenance! 56,000 original miles and it is all original, including paint, interior, and engine. Authentic down to the one-year-only 1968 items such as the side reflectors and the smog pump. In January 2019 I finalized the deal with Brandon Starks. Brandon said we are now part of the ‘Brumos Family,’ this has been the best car purchasing experience that I have ever experienced by far!


In March 2019, we drove the Porsche from Jacksonville straight to the Porsche Werks Reunion Amelia (Amelia Island, FL), and won First in Class the next day! I am very thankful to Peter Sachs for the introduction to Don Leatherwood and the team at Brumos, and I am very thankful to Dan Davis, Don Leatherwood, Brandon Starks and everyone involved. Thank you Brumos entrusting us to be the next steward on the very special Porsche.

And a special thank you to the Members of the world-famous 'Brumos Bahama Mama' Team:

Sean Fannin               

John Ficarra              

Peter Sachs               

Keenan Sachs           

Kelly Telfer                 

Beth Proudfoot          


Look for our 1968 911 ‘Brumos Bahama Mama’ Porsche at my fine art booth and events on an ongoing basis. And of course, we will drive the car from our home in Silicon Valley down Highway 1 to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey, Carmel, and Luftgekuhlt in LA!


Check out the ‘Brumos Bahama Mama’ original painting (48” x 60” acrylic on canvas) of our Bahama Yellow 911 Porsche, and Fine Art Prints, at


For more information on The Brumos Collection:


For more information on The Custom Mat Co:

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