Artist Statement

People gravitate to my car paintings - ‘I had one of those, but mine was red.’ Then they continue down memory lane sharing a cherished memory of their first car, their parents station wagon, or the first time they saw a sports car. I love sparking these recollections, as emotions and fond memories flow through the artwork and connect me with the viewer.

In addition to cars, I paint abstract, people and pets. Very different subjects, but bouncing back and forth keeps my creative perspective fresh and fun. The cars I have drawn and painted my entire life.  The pet portraits happened by accident about 10 years ago.  I did a painting of my friend’s cat, and all the sudden, I am painting everyone’s dogs and cats!

I paint large. I paint quick. I like to capture the beauty, passion and feeling. I cherish the freedom and quickness of working in acrylic and have at least two canvasses going at all times. I don’t work on small canvases. I don’t use small brushes. In addition to large brushes, I use palette knives, combs, spatulas, found items, anything that gives the work more depth and texture.

Life is a blank canvas- ready to be painted!